We offer many transportation lubricants, including engine oil and gear oil, transmission fluid and hydraulic fluid, plus marine and small engine oil. If you’re looking for the best engine oil at competitive prices, Koch Fuel is your answer.

Automatic Transmission Fluid

  • DuraDrive™ MV Synthetic ATF +

    This automatic transmission fluid is a full synthetic, multi-vehicle and ATF suitable for use in a wide range of North Read More
  • ATF D3M +

    Demonstrates exceptional oxidation and thermal stability for long service life where former DEXRON®-III type fluids are recommended Read More
  • ATF+4® +

    Offers optimal shift efficiency and excellent oxidation and shear stability in Chrysler transmissions Read More
  • DEXRON®-VI +

    Delivers twice the service life of former DEXRON®-III ATFs and is the new standard for all GM transmissions Read More

    Formulated for commercial and heavy duty transmission systems. Read More
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Transmission / Hydraulic Fluid

  • DURATRAN™ Transmission/Hydraulic Fluid +

    This hydraulic or transmission fluid delivers performance for winter, summer and all-season applications. A great transmission/hydraulic oil for a variety Read More
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Automotive Gear Fluid

  • TRAXON™ +

    Traxon gear fluid is a premium, multigrade line of gear oils providing shear stability and longer oil life. Read More
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Transmission / Drive Chain Fluids

  • PRODURO™ +

    Oils are designed to meet Caterpillar TO-4 (TDTO) lubricant specifications. Read More
  • PRODURO FD-1 +

    Oils are designed to meet Caterpillar FD-1 (Final Drive) lubricant specifications. Read More
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Heavy Duty Engine Oils

  • DURON-E +

    This engine oil is your best defense against the costly effects of soot. These API CJ-4 compliant oils have been Read More
  • DURON +

    Provides proven soot-fighting performance and savings including API CI-4 grades that are well suited for engines of earlier generations. Read More
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Passenger Car Motor Oils

  • SUPREME™ Passenger Car Motor Oil +

    Protects against thermal breakdown, oxidation and wear. Read More
  • SUPREME SYNTHETIC Passenger Car Motor Oil +

    Our most advanced motor oil, formulated to protect longer under severe driving conditions and temperature extremes. Read More
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Small Engine Oils


    For hardworking 2-stroke Detroit Diesel engines. Read More
  • Outboard Motor Oil +

    For high-performance, water-cooled, 2-stroke engines. Read More
  • Snowmobile Motor Oil +

    For oil-injected and pre-mixed gas/oil lubricated engines. Read More
  • 2-Cycle Motor Oil +

    For air-cooled, 2-stroke engines. Read More
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