Specialty Fluids / Non-Lubricants

Koch Fuel’s selection of specialty fluids /non-lubricants includes heat transfer fluids. If you require a specialty fluid, spray oil or other non-lubricant like horticultural spray oil, dust suppressant or compressor cleaner, get in touch with us. We’re equipped to satisfy your non-lubricant needs, too!

Dust Suppressant Fluid

  • DSF 65 +

    Petro-Canada’s Dust Suppressant Fluid product is safe and non-toxic, ready to keep dust down on roads, fields, industrial work settings
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Compressor Cleaner

Horticultural Spray Oil

  • PureSpray GREEN +

    This horticultural oil is organic certified, full strength protection with improved plant and food chain safety. This spray oil can Read More
  • PureSpray Foliar 15E +

    Powerful crop protection during the key growing season with the benefits of a heavier oil without causing phytotoxicity. Read More
  • PureSpray 10E +

    Delivers strong pest protection without harmful chemical residues. Read More
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Contact Koch Fuel for more information on spray oil for your horticultural applications, dust suppressant fluid or compressor cleaner.