Industrial Lubricants

Koch Fuel offers a range of industrial lubricants for a wide variety of purposes. Choose from quality gear oil or lubricants, hydraulic and compressor fluids to heat transfer fluids and more. If you require industrial lubricants, we’re sure to have what you’re looking for. Please see below for more information on the lubricants in our offering.

Chain Oils

  • DURATAC™ +

    Also called chain lube, products provide lubrication in a chain oil and non-drip oil. Read More
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Industrial Gear Oils

  • DURATAC™ +

    Products provide lubrication in a chain oil and non-drip oil. Read More
  • SYNDURO SHB™ Gear Oil +

    For lubricating gears and bearings operating at high speed over a wide range of temperatures during extended service intervals. Read More
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Hydraulic Fluids

  • HYDREX +

    Premium performance for long hydraulic fluid life and robust anti-wear capabilities designed for use in wide temperature ranges. Read More

    Inherently biodegradable, non-toxic, recyclable, and long-lasting hydraulic fluids for use in environmentally-sensitive areas. Read More
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Machine Tool and Way Lubricants

  • ACCUFLO™ +

    For smooth motion, reduced friction and improved drive. Read More
  • PC Waylube +

    Reduces wear and improves equipment life. Read More
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Vacuum Pump Fluid

  • Super Vac +

    For a mechanically operated vacuum pump, this vacuum pump oil is designed to withstand high pump loads and temperatures. Read More
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Compressor Fluids

  • COMPRO™ +

    This compressor oil provides long and reliable service life in industrial air compressor applications. Read More
  • Compressor Oil RP +

    For the lubrication of natural gas compressor cylinders and rod packings that have force feed lubrication systems. Read More
  • NGS Synthetic Blend Compressor Fluids +

    Developed for use in flooded screw compressors in natural gas field booster service. Read More
  • SPX Compressor Fluids +

    Formulated for lubricating and cooling reciprocating and rotary screw compressors handling hydrocarbon gas such as propane and natural gas. Read More
  • REFLO™ +

    Refrigeration compressor oils help ensure performance in commercial refrigeration compressor systems. Read More
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Metal Working Oils

  • ALUCUT™ +

    Neat Cutting Oil for machining aluminum and magnesium alloys. Read More
  • ALUDRAW™ +

    Wire Drawing Oil for drawing aluminum wire, providing good die life, material finish and dimension accuracy. Read More

    For general machining operations, including cutting, drilling, milling and grinding. Read More

    Non-stain transparent cutting oils for high-speed automatic screw machining and simple turning. Read More

    For use in various machining operations, such as tapping, threading, broaching and conventional turning. Read More
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Choose Koch Fuel Products to satisfy your need for a range of lubricants used in industrial workplaces. Whether you require fluid for machining, a vacuum pump, air compressor, hydraulics or other equipment, we’ve got you covered!