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Gasoline | Diesel | On Site Refueling
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Petro-CanadaTM produces and sells high quality gasolines designed to meet every type of Canadian driving condition. Petro-Canada offers three grades of gasoline across Canada, and a fourth grade in selected areas. As a wholesaler, however, Koch Fuel Products only carries Regular 87 Octane in the cardlocks and for on site fuel delivery, but special orders can be made for any of the other grades of gasoline.

GradeOctane LevelPetro-Canada Brand Name
  • Regular87 octaneRegularClean
  • Mid-grade89 octanePlusClean
  • Premium91 octaneSuperCleanTM

Koch Fuel Products and other wholesale Petro-Canada locations only sell Regular clean gasoline. But the other options are available to order.


All diesel fuel sold by Petro-Canada for on-road use is ultra low sulphur diesel fuel, as required by federal legislation. As of Sept. 1, 2006, all Petro-Canada on-road ultra low sulphur diesel contains less than 15 ppm (parts per million) of sulphur. Petro-Canada's off-road diesel fuel is generally ultra low sulphur diesel fuel, however, customers should confirm this with their local Petro-Canada marketer.

On Site Refueling

Bulk fuel delivery is a convenient and cost-effective way to meet your fuel needs! We deliver diesel fuel directly to your vehicles, generators, or construction equipment, where and when you need it.

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On site tanks make it convenient to fuel your vehicles and machinery. We offer a wide variety of tanks from various suppliers that are for sale and rent. Other tanks are available upon request. Combine an on site tank with fuel delivery for a quick and convenient refueling solution.

To learn more about the fuel we sell or for more information on our on site fueling services, please call us.

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  • Small-Medium Size Storage

    Small-Medium Size Storage

    - 8,500 L Westeel Tanks
    - 1,000 Gallon Westeel Tanks
    - 500 Gallon Fuel Vault
  • Road Vault

    Road Vault

    - 460 DW Gallon Road Vault Tanks
    - 660 DW Gallon Road Vault Tanks
    - 180 DW Gallon Road Vault Tanks
  • Cube Tanks

    Cube Tanks

    - 500 L Western Tanks
    - 2000 L Western Tanks
    - 4700 L Western Tanks
  • Large Storage Tanks

    Large Storage Tanks

    - 18,000 L Western Transtainer Tanks
    - 25,000 L Meridian Fuel Tanks
  • Slip Tanks

    Slip Tanks

    - 540 L Slip Tanks
    - 900 L Slip Tanks