Application for Credit
(hereinafter referred to as the corporate customer), apply for credit for the supply of goods, services and materials in accordance with the application for credit concurrently made. I/We being principal(s) of the corporate customer acknowledge that I/we am/are cocustomer(s)/co-purchasers and will be personally responsible jointly and severally with the corporate customer for any and all debts I/we will jointly and severally indemnify you, and see you paid for your account with respect to any order now or hereafter made by the corporate customer. I/We further agree to pay your account within your terms of payment end of the month following purchase, to pay 2% interest and service charges per month (26.82% per annum) on overdue accounts and I/we assure full responsibility for any costs incurred toward collection of account including legal fees. For the purposes of this credit transaction I/We fully consent and authorize yourselves obtaining any personal credit information through any credit bureau, credit reporting agency, government registry, private registry, civil enforcement agency, or Kirwin LLP.
All past due accounts are managed by Kirwin LLP.